Sales of products\Planting material

      Planting material used to satisfy the needs of forestry sector and amenity planting in grow n in 19 forest nurseries with the total area amounting to 428.8 hectars, including producing area amounting to 290.8 hectars (68%). 

     Firest nurseries annually produce up to 60 mln units of standard  planting material of the main forest forming species of Belarus. The nurseries include 1 hectar of greenhouses that enables to carry out the planting of the material with the use of grafting methods. The greenhouses are used for planting of more than 50 decirative species both for amenity planting and for the realization to the population. The annual production volume amounts to 2.3 mln units. 

Forestry enterprises are able to realize planting material of the following species for the purpose of amenity planting in cities and settlements: 


1. English oak, Spanish oak, northern oak
2. Norway maple, Canadian maple, plane-tree maple
3. Horse chestnut
4. Black locust
5. Common williw, silver willow
6. Sorbus
7. Common ash, green ash, Pensilvanian ash
8. Large-leaved linden, small-leaved linden
9. Phellodendron amurense
10. manchurian walnut
11. European hornbeam
12. Wild black cherry
13. Silbver birch
15. Common spruce, blue spruce
16. White fir
17. European larch
18. Taxus baccata
19. Eastern Arborvitae (different forms)
20. Common iuniper , Juniperus sabina, Juniperus virginiana
21. Microbiota
22.Caragana arborescens
23. Hawthorn
24. European cranberry bush
25. Cotoneaster lucidus
26. Aronia melanocarpa
28.Chamaecyparis pisifera, ericoides
29. Balck currant
30. Garden grape
31. Seaberry
32. Forsythia
33.Japanese spiraea
34. Buxus
35.Physocarpus opulifolius
36.European barberry, Japanese barberry
37. Rosehip
38. Chaenomeles Maulei
39.Spiraea opulifolius
40. Amorpha fruticosa
41.Potentilla fructicosa
42.Cornus alba
43. European HoneysuckleTatarian honeysuckle
44.Weigela florida
45. Filipendula
46. Hackberry
47. Caragana
48. Actinidia
49. Syring vulgaris, josikae
50. Symphoricarpos
51. Mock organge

     The range if planted species and forms of decorative trees and bushes is being constantly updated. 

     Beside decorative plantin material all forestry enterprises of the region realize fir trees of all sizes for Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

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