Sales of products\Honey, birch sap, etc.

Forest enterprises of Minsk SDFRM manufacture and realize to individuals and legal entities the following minor forestry products and secondary forest resources: 
– Wild fruit and berries (blueberry, cranberry, lingberry, currant,  black chokeberry);
– mushrooms (chanterelles, honey fungus);
– drug raw materials;
– birch syrup;
– brooms;
– bath besoms;
– Chrismas trees (fir trees, pines);
– Christmas bunches;
– Beerkeeping products (honey, wax, bee-glue);
– Planting materials (fruit and berries of cultivated species, decorative species);
The enterprises of the association also provide fishing facilities to individuals.
 In 2010 the said products were manufactured in the following volumes: birch syrup - 4.9 tons, fruit and berries -m 112.5 tons, bath besoms - 14.4 thousand units, Christmas trees - 50.1 thousand units, drug raw materials - 2,033 kg.
                   As of 01.01.2011 the forestry enterprises of the association possesses 2,372 bee families. In 2010 the total outcome of honey amounted ti 16.5 tons, that is approximately 7.1 kg per family. 

     Forestry enterprises realiza the honey at the price amounting to 36,000 Belarusian roubles per 1 litre or 25,700 Belarusian roubles per 1 kg. 

     Please refer to the web-sites of forestry enterprises of the association for further information regarding the realized products. 



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