5 Chkalova str., Minsk, 200039 Belarus
E-mail: minskplho@mail.ru
Tel.: (+375 17) 2245703 (reception)
Fax: (+375 17) 2131571

   Minsk state production forestry association is a union of state legal entities created on the ground of Order No 53 of the Ministry of Forestry of Belarusian SSR dated May 30, 1988 and Resolution No 112 of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Belarus and SM BSSR dated April 27, 1988 "Concerning the improvement of forestry resources management and forest industry in the Republic". 
      The founder of the association and republic state management body is the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus. 
     The association includes 19 forestry institutions and organizations.
The main purpose of the association is to provide high-level and quality management of forestry and hundting sector and to realize its main functions: 
-  state management in the sphere of use and protection of restry sector and regeneration of forests and animal variety in the region and state control over the protection of the forestry sector;
-  implementation of state programs and projects of forestry sector development in order to increase productivity and to improve the quality of forests, increase their nature protection functions, satisfy the needs of different sectors of national economy and population with different types of products.
      The association carries out its activities on the territory inckuded into the forestry fund of the Republic of Belarus and duly gramnetd to the association. 
     The head of the association is its general director. 

      Minsk state production forestry association includes 19 forestry organizations, 166 forest ranger stations, 449 forestry areas and 2179 forest ranges. 

Management of the association 

General director
Sergei Nikolaevich Matiushevskiy
Tel. 2246131
Chief forest officer –
(first deputy general director)

Evgeniy Leonidovich Kriskevich 

Tel. 2078435
Chief engineer
Vladimir Vladimirovich Botyan
Tel. 2280272

Deputy general director for ideology

Elena Vladimirovna Letsko
Tel. 2246130

Head of the department of control and review work and state forestry control

Mikhail Ilyich Stcherba
Tel. 2248182

Head of the department of forestry section and forests regeneration

Aleksandr Borisovich Dmitriev
Tel. 2243703

Head of the department of forests protection, hunting and hunting tourism. 

Tel. 2245704

Chief mechanic - Head of the department of mechanization

Tel. 2229854

Head of the department of production and products realization

Andrei Valentinovich Koshel
Tel. 2131570

Deputy general director for economy, head of the department 

Raisa Yurievna Pokhodova
Tel. 2244624

Head of labour organization and remuneration sector

Svetlana Nikolaevna Stchsnaya
Tel. 2244550
Chif accountant
Liudmila Anatolievna Slyunchenko
Tel. 2244625
Head of labour protection bureau Valeri Vasilievich Sinkevich Tel. 2229854



Berezino forestry establishment SDFRM
director  – Yuriy Ivanovich Shumskiy, Tel. 55130,
223310, Berezino, Proletarskaya str., 96,
code 801715, reception tel. 51028, fax 51028
E-mail: leshozberezino@mail.ru

Borisov experimental forestry establishment SDFRM

director  – Viktor Iosifovich Vastchilo, Tel. 20502,
222120, Borisov, Lopatina str., 205а,
code 801777, reception tel.  20747, fax 20747
E-mail: borisovleshoz@mail.ru

Vileyka experimental forestry establishment SDFRM
director  – Pavel Pavlovich Kosyak, Tel. 55388,
222410, Vileyka, Stakhanovskaya str., 221,
code801771, reception tel.  32250, fax 32250
E-mail: vlk-forestry@mail.ru

Volozhin experimental forestry establishment SDFRM
director  – Romual Leontievich Matus, Tel. 55772,
222340, Volozhin, sadovaya str., 3,
code 801772, reception tel.  55772, fax 55167
E-mail: volojinles@mail.ru

Kletsk forestry establishment SDFRM
director – Andrei Aleksandrovich Sanko, Tel. 55380,
222640, Klets, Pobedy str., 143,
code 801793, reception tel.  55269, fax 53411
E-mail: natacha_kleck@tut.by

Kopyl forestry establishment SDFRM
director  – Sergey Stanislavovich Uldinovich, Tel. 55546,
223910, Kopyl, Zaozernaya str., 26,
code 801719, reception tel.  55555, факс 55555
E-mail: leskhozkopyl@yandex.ru

 Krupki forestry establishment SDFRM
director – Nikolay Vladimirovich Usenya, Tel. 57670,
222020, Krupskiy settlement, Pobedy str., 26,
code 801796, reception tel.  57673, fax 57673
E-mail: kr-les@mail.ru

 Logoysk forestry establishment SDFRM
director – Oleg Vladimirovich Dashkevich, Tel. 55652,
223110, Logoysk, Lesnaya str., 2,
code 801774, reception tel.  55752, fax 55752
E-mail: les_logoysk@mail.ru

 Luban forestry establishment SDFRM
director  – Nikolai Andreevich Rusakovich, Tel. 55356,
223812, Lyuban, Pervomayskaya str., 59,
code 801794, reception tel.  55543, fax 55543
E-mail: lubanlz@mail.ru

Minsk forestry establishment SDFRM
director – Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Fastovich,
220037, Minsk, Bagrations str., 70,
reception tel. 2456012, fax 2456132
E-mail: lesxozsys@tut.by

 Molodechno forestry establishment SDFRM
director  – Anatoliy Alekseevich Ermolovich, Tel. 78860,
222310, Molodechno, 2nd Gorkogo lane, 2а,
code 801767, reception tel. 78863, fax 78863
E-mail: leskhozmolod@mail.ru

 Pukhovichi forestry establishment SDFRM
director – Aleksandr Vasilieich Domnenkov,Tel. 52132,
222811, Maryina Gorka, Kalinina str., 14,
code 801713, reception tel.  41317, fax 41317
E-mail: puhovichileshoz@mail.ru

 Slutsk forestry establishment SDFRM
director  – Aleksandr Grigorievich Zhilko, Tel. 63688,
223610, Slutsk, Borisovtsa str., 9,
code 801795, reception tel.  65041, fax 65041
E-mail: sluzki_leshoz@mail.ru

 Smolevichi forestry establishment SDFRM
director – Iosif Stanislavovich Gorostchik, Tel. 55547,
222210, Smolevichi, Pervomayskaya str., 72а,
код 801776, reception tel.  55106, fax 55106
E-mail: smol_leshoz@mail.ru

 Starobin forestry establishment SDFRM
director  –  Aleksandr Vladimirovich Kolyadin, Tel. 99307,
223730, Starobin settlement, Krasnoznamennaya str., 41,
code 801742, reception tel.  96539, fax 96539
E-mail: starobin@open.by

Starye Dorogi experimental forestry establishment SDFRM
director  – Valentin Mikhailovich Tsvirko, Tel. 55443,
222910, Starye Dorogi, Kirovskiy lane, 22,
code 801792, reception tel.  56083, fax 56083
E-mail: stdor@mail.ru

 Stolbtsy experimental forestry establishment SDFRM
director  – Gennadiy Vikentievich kazhushko, Tel. 55403,
222660, Stolbtsy, 17th Sentyabrya str., 15,
code 801717, reception tel.  54593, fax 54593
E-mail: stolbzyles@tut.by

Uzda forestry establishment SDFRM
director  – Vladimir Ivanovich Tsvirko, Tel. 53031,
223411, Uzda, K.Marksa lane, 9,
code 801718, reception tel.  55580, fax 55678
E-mail: uzdaleshoz@mail.ru

Cherven forestry establishment SDFRM
director – Igor Nikolaevich Shagoiko, Tel. 55130,
code 801714, reception tel.  54457, fax 54457
E-mail: chervenforestry@tut.by


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